Club de Ski Alpin Bel Ami - 50th season

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Club Rules

In the rules section you will find;

The Club representatives have established for the members and guests rules and a code of conduct to follow.

This is required in order to ensure orderly activities, safety and an enjoyable environment for the whole membership.

We require a signed Parental Authorization Form to ensure a good understanding of the operation of the Club between volunteers, parents and members.

A member or a guest who fails to follow the rules can receive sanctions.

Repetitive or serious misconduct can result in a suspension or the loss of membership status.

These sanctions will be decided by the members of the Board of Directors of the Club.

Rules of the club

  1. The member must follow the code of conduct of the Club and must respect the rules of the Club, those of the ski resort and those of the bus transportation.
  2. A member must be a full time student and at least 9 years old on December 31st.
  3. A member must always wear visibly on his coat the Club's membership card. A bus fee of $10 could be required for those who do not have their card.
  4. Late arrivals for the departure of the buses for the return trip from the ski center will not be tolerated and can bring a suspension of 2 outings.
  5. A member that does not return from the ski center with the buses must personnally advise a volunteer from his bus. Failure to do so can bring a suspension of 2 outings.
  6. The parents must be on site for their children when the buses return. Lateness of the parent of more than 30 minutes, in the parking lot of the shoping centre when we return from the outing, will cause an automatic suspention of the member for one outing.
  7. The buses will not make any stops during a trip.
  8. The use of a ski or snowboard bag is mandatory for transporting the equipment.
  9. The Club cannot be held responsable for damaged equipment during the transportation.
  10. The member is responsible for the loss, theft, or damages caused to his belongings and to rented equipment during the outings.
  11. We strongly recommend to the new members that are starting to ski or snowboard to take the free ski lessons for starters. Theses free lessons for beginners are organized during the first 2 outings of the Club.
  12. Mini-skis are not recommended and will not be rented to a member.
  13. If the ski patrollers decide that a transfer by ambulance is required, a parent must go to the hospital and the ambulance fees will be the responsibility of the parents.
  14. A guest of a member must travel with the morning buses and must be a full time student that is at least 9 years old on December 31st.
  15. A guest must have his medical insurance card with him during the outings.

Code of conduct

A member practices his sport safely (see section Security for the Mountain Code of Conduct).

A member maintains a good conduct at all times.

A member respects the Club representatives and the other members.

A member contributes positively to establishing a healthy and enjoyable atmosphere for all the other members.

A member collaborates with the representatives of the Club and the ski patrollers.

A member respects other people's belongings.

A member maintains order and good cleanliness in the buses and at the ski center.

A member follows the safety rules in the buses.

A member informs his guest of the code of conduct and the rules to follow.

At all times, it is forbidden;

  • to act in a non exemplary fashion,
  • to be disrespectful,
  • to curse or swear,
  • to squabble or to fight,
  • to litter or cause damages,
  • to carry or use illegal drugs or alcohol,
  • to steal,
  • to participate in dangerous activities.

In the buses;

  • it is essential to maintain order and cleanliness,
  • it is forbidden to smoke,
  • for your safety, you must stay seated in your bench when the bus is moving.

All members will be held responsible for his or her acts, and will be required to reimburse the cost of repairs to any damages caused.